martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Assignment #3: Post Modernist Literature

BOOKS: Le Carre, J. The Russia House (Britain,1989-novel)
Chatwin, Bruce the Songlines (Britain, 1986-travel novel)

Compare and contrast the 2 post modern works over the semester
with 2 of the other 4 works you have read.

The Russia House: It has some similar characteristics with the Quiet American, it is a spy novel, but in this case it talks about another world that is a quality of the post modern literature. Both novels talk about certain political tasks. It doesn't have similarities with the Victorian era because that sort of literature was more focused on the good and bad guys, post modern literature has the same kind of guys but it shows the reality. In this book everything is based on very important information that contains political matters and the person who was in charge to make a manuscript was the owner of a publishing company. In the other four books information wasn't the center of the main story, it was only the thoughts that people have at that moment.

The Songlines: It has similarities with the Victorian era that is located in natural sets; however the diference is that the songlines novel is a combination of fiction and nonfiction. This novel is about a trip that the author made for a year where the Australian aboriginals have an important role in life. They believe that their Ancestors walked as they sang the world into creation, moving from one geographic feature or group of people to the next. According with the main theme this kind of literature show us the reevaluation with the past. There are lots of differences in this book because this is more futurist and maybe unreal instead that it talks about the real world.

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